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Hi All,

I have been testing Nokia Coloud headphones range ( Boom, Pop, Knock) since a week, thanks to very awesome Mr. Dean Pattrick from Nokia Music. Coloud headphones range brings high quality music listening experience in 3 vibrant colors yet low in prices. The three new headphones are produced by Zound industries and they are customized for Nokia. All three come in Yellow , Red and Cyan. All three have tangle free cords and they all have pretty cool design where the headphone jack bends on itself, branded as “Zound Lasso’.

The compatibility specification on all three says that compatible with devices including Nokia Asha and Nokia Lumia devices running Windows Phone or iOS running devices though I have tested all three on my Nokia Lumia 920 as well as my windows 8 running Dell laptop without any issue.

All three feature mic and call accept/reject cum playback control key which is to be pressed 2 times to play next song and 3 times to play previous song. Voice quality is very good both in terms of sender and receiver during calls for all three headphones tested on Lumia 920.



Coloud Boom is based on over ear headphones construction and the ear cups can be adjusted side ways. The ear cups’ closed construction is such that it blocks outside noise and provides comfortable music listening. The thing I like the most about the Boom is that, It gives the most balanced stereo sound output with high bass levels compare to the other two and also the flexibility of the tangle free cord which comes out from left ear cup while doing any movements with the headphones on.



Coloud Pop is based on in ear construction headphones. This one is very light in terms of weight and comes with three different sizes of ear caps for perfection. The sound output is good in terms of higher bass levels though the noise cancellation is not as good as Boom. The thing I like most is that, it fits very well in ear and even while walking it doesn’t get loose from the ears. So far this one is my favorite compare to the other two when it comes to outdoors.



This one is over ear based like the Boom. Unlike the Boom, Knock is very light in terms of weight and it can be easily put on or be removed. The ear cups are not constructed in close manner like the Boom but they give comfortable feeling than the other two headphones. Sound quality is good but lacks bass levels mainly due to its open construction of the ear cups. Its design makes it look like ideal headphones for girls and older people.