Hi all,

I have been testing Nokia XL for past few weeks. Nokia XL is a sleek big screen device with pretty much same industrial design and same user interface as Nokia X which I reviewed recently. So lets look at comparison of both and my experience with Nokia XL:

Nokia X vs Nokia XL:


Not your regular sales package! :

Bloggers Mind sent quite an unique Nokia XL box with the handset, a pair of headsets, wall charger and two mirrors with the list of Android apps available for Nokia XL written on its sides. Check out this special packaging in un-boxing video below:



In terms of specifications, The display resolution is disappointingly same as X which results in just 187 PPI. Processor is bit different but same from Qualcomm, dual core 1 GHz and same gpu of Adreno 203. However, the ram is 768MB on XL compare to 512MB on X.

Battery is also bigger with 2000mah on XL which is a bit low for the device with 5 inch display.

Camera is much improved on XL, 5 megapixels with much needed autofocus instead of fixed focus along with a led flash for low light photography.


Nokia XL performs smooth even on 768MB ram thanks to lightweight and responsive fastlane ui. However, the phone struggles a bit in handling resource intensive heavy games or apps. Compare to Nokia X, Nokia XL feels little more responsive, fluid and smooth.

Battery life:

The battery life of XL is very good compare to Nokia X even though the XL has massive 5 inch screen. The XL lasts one full day of heavy smartphone usage activities while for moderate to low usage, the phone easily lasts more than 2 days on a single charge. Overall, I am impressed with Nokia XL’s battery life.

Media consumption:

Movies look great on Nokia XL’s big 5 inch display, the vlc player from Nokia app store enables Nokia XL to play any format of video files up to 720p resolution. The loudspeaker on XL is more clearer and louder than Nokia X’s loudspeaker. Another thing about the loudspeaker is its central location at bottom side of phone which makes it output more loudness, particularly helpful during voice calls on loudspeaker.


Nokia XL has 5 megapixels autofocus camera with single led flash. It is not the best in class 5 megapixel shooter but it does produce good images in good light conditions. In low light, camera performs slightly below average.




Looking at the current price tag of around 10.5 k INR, Nokia XL with fastlane ui and Android apps is targeted for heavy apps and media consumers who are inclined towards bigger screen smartphones. Last week, Microsoft announced the end of device life cycle for Nokia X family of devices with 18 months support so if you are looking into more than two years of phone ownership then this phone might not be the right choice. Overall, Nokia XL delivers well in aspects like media consumption, games and apps experience on bigger screen so it is a strong contender for entry level big screen phone with Nokia promise of build to last quality and trendy color options.